Come to Work for Sea Mountain Resorts.

Sea Mountain offers a variety of employment opportunities to individuals with little or no experience in hospitality as well as to those individuals who have many years of experience.

Sea Mountain supports employees through training, development and recognition of their individual strengths and talents.

An interesting and unique working atmosphere, and all female staff, and a 100% dedication to customer service already have attracted excellent individuals to Sea Mountain.

Employment opportunities at our resorts are available in four primary areas:

DJ – spin for the hottest couples on earth. The Sea Mountain is always seeking talented individuals from Grammy winners to those who just want to cut their teeth and learn about music from the number one music hotel on earth.

Innkeepers – Welcoming and interacting with our guests, processing reservations, answering questions, telephone and email support and additional office and support activities.  

Housekeeping – Maintaining clean and well-kept rooms and common areas.

Maintenance – Maintaining the rooms and grounds, painting, cleaning, plumbing repair, minor electrical repair, landscaping, and more.

We invite you to join our family!

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